Let your story be told...

I believe that the couple getting married should be the focus of the wedding ceremony but that they should always be comfortable and at ease.  Most are a little nervous standing in front of family and friends, and I  put them at ease by giving them quiet cues of where to stand and what to say.  I take time to get to know the couple so I can weave their story throughout the ceremony.  My delivery is light-hearted and joyful so that the couple whose vows I am witnessing can be present to the moment.


Often the ceremony gets lost in the day. Much preparation and planning go into every detail.   I create ceremonies tailored to the wishes of each couple.  Some are elaborate with orchestras, Scripture, and in a church setting.  Others are simple at a bed and breakfast with the couples' story, vows, and rings.  I find that every couple has a dream and I want the ceremony to be an integral part of that ideal.  The service will be loved by you, your family and your guests. 


You can choose your ceremony and vows to be ordinary or extraordinary.  We want it to be beyond what you have imagined.  You can add special readings, poems, a unity candle, or knots.  The ceremony will include your unique story told by Chris in such a way that each guest feels your deep love for your beloved.  Your vows can be your own or the traditional.   Each part of the ceremony is your choice.  

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Couple's Coach

A Day or a Life?

Are you preparing for a day or a lifetime together?  Most marriage preparation is getting ready just for the wedding day.  It focuses on the greeting, vows, exchange of rings, etc.  However, marriage is a lifetime together of love, trust, communication, and more communication. Couple's Coaching takes a look at your current relationship and the marriage you aspire to have as one. We do this by providing tools that enable you to have better relationship and marriage.

What do we do?

Couple's Coaching helps you begin your marriage with an excellent foundation of communication, trust, financial responsibility, and spirituality (if requested).  We use a PreMarital Questionnaire to explore what your relationship needs to be a happy and healthy marriage.  Next, we evaluate and provide practical recommendations that you can implement.  Finally, we offer follow up care to help you keep your marriage on track.       

This package includes 3-4 sessions with phone calls and emails. 

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